Friday, October 12, 2018

An Autumn Day

Through willows
weeping seed pods
wind blows


Through leaves
red, yellow, orange
sun shines


Geese honking
overhead V's


Waves crash
white caps


Child's laughter, sly
grins, twinkling


gkn October 2018

Friday, September 28, 2018

Reflections today

With thanks to Sheila

I have three daughters born in the seventies and eighties.  I was born in the fifties.  My mother in the thirties and the list goes on.   In each generation we have been blessed with individuals who have spoken out against the abuse of power.  

In my history,  Jesus was often used as a model of speaking truth to power.

I live in Canada.   I live a life of great privilege.
I have been hurt by the abuse of power.

Some of the abusers used Jesus name to abuse.

Today I am struggling to find hope.
Today I wonder why we are still arguing about how much abuse is ok?

I went for a walk with Andre.

I saw my neighbor, my friend,  I spoke of pain and fear.  We shared feelings of despair, discouragement.  

Then she said, " and what is good in your world today?"

It was a good question for this day.
It is a good question for everyday.

and so I ask what is good in your world today...

and I give thanks for you my readers, my friends, my allies on this journey.

I give thanks for the many of you who are encouraging me as I work on my memoir.
I give thanks for the beauty of the nature that surrounds me and for the wonderful fresh tomato I picked off the vine and ate a few minutes ago.
I give thanks for the many voices, the many people of all genders,  that name truth to power.

and I walk and I meditate and I pray and I write with  hope filled love.

gkn  September 2018

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

everything i needed to learn -- repeat

thank you Zeb! 

I love                                                           grade one

              voice                 eyes                      sparkle

the best part
                                                                   four recesses

                                                   free play time

 music                                           silence


gkn  September 2018


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Minds Currency

roses in full bloom,  water lapping on shore,  
satin sheets, tea pots steam, penny at my feet

bleeding president, falling tower, child on a beach,
rooftops of water, mudslides, dead buildings

muscles stretched,  massaged, aching desire
movement,  roots and rocks,  waterfalls

grieving family gathered, stories unravel
colour, ability, gender   confused

green blue dive,  naked body, slippery
sunborn algae growth

another protest, world
breathing fear

in out in out in out
in        out            in             out

equinox return.

gkn September 2018

Friday, September 14, 2018


"Do you want to know the recipe for courage?" he asked,
"gg do you want to know the recipe for courage?"  he repeated

"Of course"    "Do you know the recipe?"


"Who gave you the recipe?"

"I found it in my body."

"Please tell me the recipe, sometimes, I need courage too."

"You do?"

 His requirements for courage where very high these early days of junior kindergarten,
a brief discussion ensued about my needs and mama's needs and dadda's needs for courage...

then only then did I get the recipe

"you take all your feelings gg"

eyes focused on mine

" All your feelings in your body"  (in case I missed it)

" and mix it with love"

and that he concluded

"makes courage."

gkn September 2018

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Lora turned forty today.
How did it happen
so quickly?

gkn Sept.6 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

For Ever, Lora

 I first looked at her beautiful face and was filled with wonder and fear.  
What now?    Forever, I thought.

I had taken lamaze classes, how to give birth painlessly.
how to breathe,  focus on something, they said.      I had taken a small picture of Jesus.  
I had given birth, while not painlessly, at least drug free.
          It was important, I thought.

I held her to my breast, forcing her little mouth to hang on.
Come on, you can do it.
The nurse offered me formula,  said that I could give her that if she cried,  
a soother, bottles with water in it, sweetened slightly.

I had not taken classes on what you do after the baby is born.  This precious,  helpless being a wonder, with ten little fingers and ten little toes  was my first born.  

We took classes together.

We learned how to make it through the hours, of the evening,  when sleep would not come to either of us, and when I knew it was not ok to breast feed constantly.

Racing heartbeats, love, overwhelmed me.  
I held her in my arms.  I watched her take her first steps, and kiss her spring horse gently on the lips.
She  touched my belly to feel her sisters early kicks.

I remember it so well.   That day, we sat in the bathtub together, flesh pressed against flesh.
I felt it she said with excitement,
I felt the baby,
she lay back against me.  
Shifting oh so gently in that too full bathtub,  she put her hand on my belly.

We shared some days last week, in anticipation of her turning forty.  
We walked and we talked and we ate and we laughed.  
It was the first time she left her, oh so precious,  two year old for so many sleeps.  

I touched her belly when he kicked.

gkn August 2018