Friday, April 29, 2016

Grandsons..partially edited

Their mother died,  my daughter alive 
fell in love.  They in a life that included loss, 
knew love.  I benefit playing games, 
reading stories.  Do you want to walk with
me, bike, hey Gg ( grandma gloria) look, 
see me,  kiss my baby brother, where
is he first question always, 
they know love and loss are part of the whole.

Mommy Heidi dead.
 Mama Lora, Grandma Jan, Grandmother 
Gloria, brought together by loss and love, 
taught  the details, continuing to be taught the details by 
boys, whose lessons began early, 
too early, I think.      yet       the benefits to 
me    to the world   

Could ever I have imagined so great a life of
blessings,  unanticipated,   Grief and loss too
much to carry 
on,  I sometimes thought
so great can loss be. 

"A small child shall lead them" 

And so I go on...

gkn April 2016


  1. Oh yes... the deeper the loss, the greater the joy...

    1. Good to hear your thoughts, Thanks for sharing!

  2. Poignant, Gloria, oh so poignant....... powerfully, thoughtfully, movingly said.......