Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Eleven Years -- for mom

Grandchildren have been born,
divorces, weddings, fires, new homes,
and jobs, wars and rumours,
faith lost and found.

No longer does the phone ring,
no longer do you bake the cakes,
or the pies  --- this morning there is a
dutch apple pie in the oven.

It is I who must welcome the stranger,
It is I who must show hospitality.
Oh, how you must love that Lora's
church is doing a "welcoming strangers" series.

It is I who now sends prayers
to the grandchildren and the children,
to the world leaders, to the people
I pass on the street.

It is I to who lives with the truth
you taught, "to whom much is given
much is required."  Life is
an opportunity for sharing.

I give thanks for  your presence,
As I peel apples,
as I read the paper,
as your eyes gaze into mine

Your death mom changed me.

gkn October  30 2018

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