Friday, June 8, 2018


Today I awoke

to the babbling delighted sounds of my granddaughter’s voice and her smile, to my daughter’s admonition to stop reading the news, to her advising me that there were two good news events,  Linda Mae Lindo won in her riding and Mike Schreiner won in Guelph, she said that’s all I needed to know.  

We think the same in the political arena, my daughter and I.      I told my son-in-law that I did not look at facebook, as my friends were a very biased lot,  so biased he asked that I did not see this coming?    No, not quite I acknowledged. 

Then I was greeted by my grandson, eyes sparkling,  he woke up before I left.  We were both delighted.  

I went for breakfast with my dear sister, cousin, friend,  we had a wonderful visit and did not discuss the election.   There were many conversations that we wanted to have, many joys to share. 

It was time to drive home to Collingwood,  but first a stop at the bookstore to buy a birthday present for another grandson, and texts with his mama to make sure he did not have the book, I chose. 

On the drive home,  I listened as I often do to CBC, they had a two hour phone in show about the election, titled is this what you wanted.    I heard voice after voice ,  from people who voted green, who voted liberal, who voted conservative, who voted ndp say, it was not what they wanted.  I heard one voice say he was delighted and he danced with  joy. 

Then I heard an interview that stayed with me, as I arrived home, as I mowed the lawn, as I delighted in the blooms in the labyrinth, in the shade bed, in the rose bed, as I moaned as I saw the kale was completely gone, eaten from the vegetable bed. 

I heard an interview with someone who won a seat.   This politician said.   I do not want to pull people down,  I have no interest in negating another.  I want to work together to build Ontario up.   I want us to build Ontario up together.   This person had positive hopeful things to say about politicians and parties. 

I was inspired.

I know about working together to build each other up across difference.    My family members know how to do that.  Many of my friends and neighbours know how to do that. 

I experienced that over and over again on the Camino as people gave me helpful suggestions to make my walk easier or to support me when they saw I was wearing down.   We did not know our differences at that moment we only knew our need for a helping hand. 

I believe if we can build one another up individually we can do it communally.    

I was inspired by that phone interview, and I commit myself with you as my witness to work to build a better world  in ways that I am able and called to,  and I am soooo very grateful it is not in politics …

Will you join me??

And I  give thanks and send blessings to  politicians many,  who care deeply and sacrifice  to make the world a better place.

Gkn June 8, 2018

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