Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Where I walk

For thousands of years, people have walked seeking spiritual renewal,  on the Camino Santiago,  a well worn path,  travelling from church spire to church spire.  Before the churches they walked from coven to coven, not as much is acknowledged about that time. 

 Yet we read of the history of witchcraft, and we heard there were no witches until the inquisition.  

It got me to thinking about racism,  and the awareness that where I walk every day, where I walked this morning to the bay to enjoy the beauty,  where I turned to Liw and said, “ we live here,”  Indigenous peoples lived and worked and walked and played. 

I live in a country of great privilege for many,  we are about to have an election in this province, Ontario,   where one of the questions is about taxation, who should bear the burden for the services that are offered.  

Is it true that to whom much is given much it required?   Do I, do we believe it?   What does it mean to love your neighbour as yourself?  Or are those values expired…

As I walked on the Camino in Spain, I was aware of the tremendous gift it was to be able to take three weeks out of my life to walk and to explore a place so new, so foreign to me.    I was able to meet people from fourty different countries, from many different spiritual/religious paths.   L

I liked the people I met, we did not argue, at least not much, about ideology and when Webster and I agreed that we disagreed about many things we wished each other well, and celebrated those things about the other we could truly celebrate. 

I was aware as I walked that there were not many people of colour on the walk,   and I contemplated why that would be.  

I do not see many indigenous people when I walk around my home,  and yet they were the first peoples on this land.     I read on the historical plaques around town about the history of the first peoples,  and about small pox and land claims disallowed. 

I believe I am responsible with all of my privilege to offer a different way of being in the world.  

I no longer find a home in Institutional Christianity.  I find great comfort in the teachings of Jesus and in the verse in Micah6:8. 

May the lessons I bring from the Camino and carry  in my ongoing life pilgrimage be to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with my god ( dess) . 

Gkn May 30, 2018

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