Friday, February 9, 2018

A Confession

 I love the Olympics.  There I said it.

I love the Olympics

 I love the open ceremony with all its pomp and ceremony.  I love the extravagance of the fireworks, the dancing, the uniforms, the music, the selfies and the videos being made as the athletes march in.

I love the celebration.

I am filled with pride and patriotism as I wait and watch the Canadians march in.   I was so happy to see our figure skating stars (Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir), one man and one woman, carry the Canadian flag.

I love the red and white.

I love that Canada ended up in first place in the team figure skating competition after the first two skates.  I felt badly for Patrick Chan when he fell, and was relieved that other skaters fell too.

I love the victories.

I look forward to the speed skating, the bobsledding, the women's hockey, the pike, the half pike, the snowboarding, the slalom, the moguls, the curling, the luge ( really!)

I love the determination.

I love listening to the interviews of the victors and those whose dreams did not come true,  but they made it to the Olympics,I think, as my heart breaks with them and my body aches thinking of all they have done to get there.

I love the stories.

I do not think about the cost the doping, the poverty, the elitism, the refugees, the least not much...

I love the is day in Pyeongchang...gotta go!

gkn Feb. 2018

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