Friday, December 1, 2017

November...continuing reflections

No NanoWrimo this year....

We, Liw and I,  babysat five grandchildren ranging in age from seven to almost nine months.
I slept five hours, and read stories and watched paw patrol and chuggington and played with trucks and went for walks with a stroller and a baby attached.

I smiled a lot.

On the way home from our babysitting weekend, we went to a family gathering with aunts and uncles and cousins.  I visited with my ninety two year old aunt, her husband died less than a month ago,  I heard her as she tried to plan for this next uncertain future.  I visited with her sisters, their children, my cousins, and  my siblings.   We played games.

I laughed a lot.

I arrived home.
I slept for twelve hours straight.

We, Liw, Susan and I, went to Lora's ordination.
We sang, we listened, we visited, we shared soul,
 heart stories, food.

 I cried, a lot.

We went to a grandson's concert, heard bells ringing,
went to the movies with the fourteen and the eleven year old,  ate popcorn, frozen yogurt,
talked about school, about video games, about music, about friends...

Liw's parents visit has just begun.

In the summer after my sixty fifth birthday,
I will have a tea party in the back yard.
It will be a celebration.
 I will share my completed incomplete memoir then

2020 is coming fast.

gkn Dec. 1/2017

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