Thursday, December 21, 2017

For Susan L

Solstice 2017

For Susan L with gratitude

It is solstice, the longest night of the year.  I have been contemplating in these days of lighting candles,  of ritual reflection while waiting for the sun/ son .  I have been contemplating the places of darkness within me.  the places of sorrow reflected,  the places of anxious waiting.

Today I was reading another  writer, I was reading a memoir.   In which the author  said I read a book, that made me think I should never write another word.  She said the writer that she was reading was so eloquent,  and I thought.,  but so are you. 

Please do not stop.  Please I thought do not stop.

  I so often want to stop.
 I so often stop, because someone can do it better,
                                              actually someone does it better. 
I want to stop,  I am tired
I want to stop, it is dark, so very dark. 

If the writer had stopped.  I would not have benefited from her words.

If the dancer stops,                        I do not receive the openness, the flow.
If the cashier stops,         I am not encouraged by the smile
If the poet stops,                     I am  not caught by metaphor, or beauty.            

If you,                          stop,     your gifts which are many are lost to me. 

In celebration of   the journey   into  the darkness and  the light as life and time cycle.

gkn Dec. 21, 2017

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