Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Earth Walk

My mother and Jesus accompanied
me to witch camp this year,
I was surprised,
to hear them chatting,
about the love they felt
as we laughed and sang,
and danced.

And oh how they laughed,
and all the others, too,
who accompanied me,
when the skunk sprayed and we kept
on keeping on,  dancing on the heads
of the skunks and they kept spraying

and the laughter of the crowd,
and I do mean crowd of witnesses
was amazing,

they could not believe that we did not
know that the skunks were
teaching us,  they could not
believe that this group of witches, or
pagans, or elemental people,

forgot to listen to the elemental
messages in the storm that
surrounded us,  they laughed
and they chatted,

they need to stay on this plane
for a while yet,
I heard them    say it!  

gkn June 2017

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