Friday, May 19, 2017


birds song, dog song, train whistles
no longer asleep,  listening
sounds of morning indoors
outside, cars race on streets near by
doors open to stir sleeping teens,
while infants and grade ones
wake themselves,  the fourteen year
old going on a field trip to Chicago
has no problem stirring this morning
the excitment of  THIS day
grins at gg, while crunching cereal,
a smile broadens across my face,
 these days of baby grins,
and dances, sibling fights,
concerts played and sung by nervous
competent youth, aging with life,
today the calendar garden picnic
calls, its blooms perfect in season,
"wild" has been read, the "whole brain
child" recommended reading while
a baby sleeps in arms,
my oh so full heart 
hear the baby cry

 leave this text ...

Another day there will be no baby teen,

gkn May 2017

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