Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What I forgot

what I forgot in writing my memoir

my story is longer at sixty one than it was a twenty one
there are some details that need to be shared in order
to make sense of the details
memory is not certain or specific or perhaps
even accurate
what is believed to be accurate for one
may not be accurate for another
truth telling is scary
changing the story is hard work
details, always, don't matter sometimes
life is dynamic, changing
an imperfect reflection
all people carry with them fear
and sorrow, love
and anger, pain
and joy
even a story of love carries
there are many ways to tell a story
support comes in different ways,
loneliness is part of connection
disappointment often goes with dreams
sometimes it doesn't
dreams surround us, if we just
take the time to remember
anger expressed has more healing power
then anger repressed
sorrow surrounds joy
new life comes out of death
stories, all stories,
are worth listening too
sixty one is old and young
all at the same time
community is built by taking risks
and letting another see in
that a ticking clock is sometimes very loud,
sometimes quiet.  sometimes fast, and sometimes
slow,  and none of it perhaps has anything to do with time
and everything to do with being
that I love writing, I love blocks of time to write in
I am free when my pen and my fingers are moving

gkn Nov. 2016

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