Friday, November 11, 2016

Dear People of Simcoe County

Writing my memoir continues to take most of my time these days,  how fun to remember all
the people and all the love that has seem me through.   Thanks for the extra support you have been sending, the songs are great inspiration!
Today I also wrote a letter to the enterprise bulletin,  which I shared on facebook and I share it here with you my loving, supportive community!

Dear People of Simcoe County, 

I have come to love this land and its people, over the past eight years that I have lived here.  It was closeness of the water,  the beauty of the land and the options for biking and hiking that brought me to this area. 

This week I am feeling anxious, I have a daughter who lives in the United States,  I have a daughter who has black skin,  I have a daughter who  has a beautiful son with her female partner,  I have friends who…the list is long.  I am worried about a Trump presidency.  I am sad when I hear about grandsons coming home from school sick because they are worried about their and their friends’ safety. 

This week I read that Kellie Leitch, my federal member of parliament, who is running for the leadership of the Conservative Party,  said she hailed Trumps election win as an exciting message that needs to be delivered to Canada as well.

I am asking you, my conservative friends, I am asking you my liberal friends, I am asking you my friends of no particular political leaning or interest to not be complacent. 

Lets us speak and act in ways that promote open heartedness, loving kindness and gratitude for the many privileges that are afforded to us in this great country.  Let us give thanks for the immigrants, including our ancestors who came to give us more opportunity.  Let us acknowledge our role in the suffering of indigenous peoples.   Let us truly live a life that recognizes there is enough for all, and let our actions speak this truth too.   Let us give thanks for the diversity that strengthens our world in so many more ways than food!  

May we breathe, may we notice, may we defeat fear acts of love!

gloria kropf nafziger

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  1. I too am a resident of Simcoe County. And I honor the importance of free speech, of a diverse political landscape, of all that it means to live in a democratic country. I believe that every opinion counts, every idea matters. And, while I do not agree that the Trump victory is an `exciting message' for Canadians, I do agree that it is an important call to awareness. Your letter, Gloria, expresses my feelings also - let us not be complacent, let us be willing to act with courage, integrity, compassion, tolerance. Let us be governed by love and generosity and openness, never by fear. Thanks for your words.