Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Birthday to Zeb

Kaitlyn and Luke were at our house 
when the news arrived,  a baby, 
I napped between the texts,  excitment 
fighting concussion. 

Now,  I ride the bus, 
delighted to be able to celebrate, 
to join in,   a party with four 
proud fingers in the air. 

This mornings picture shows 
him dressed as a firefighter,  the other 
day it was a pink flamingo and 
tomorrow...I wait eagerly. 

We marched together at pride,
 come, please, his momma said, 
three generations together,  he said, 
I want the t- shirt with my family on it. 

His smile embraces me,  twinkling eyes 
shining with possibility,  as he shares 
the stories of his workers,  the coffee 
shop,  a home. 

Living with the knowledge of life's fragility, 
always present,  when reminded of his birth, 
gratitude surrounds me,  to love and be loved, 
an open gift from Zebbie to Gg 

gkn Sept. 22 2016

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  1. You've dune a beautiful job of intertwining past,present and future. Keep creating and living and loving, Gg - gloria - Fern.....