Monday, August 29, 2016

For Holly

Porches, with roofs are a sanctuary
for this strange world of third stage living

galaxies force themselves upon us, 
springing like slinkies 
from behind previously familiar dolls and
blocks, infants weaned and crooned 
over, with dreams filled by 70's, 80's and 90's 
Today's  Parent wisdom,  are determined, 
intelligent familiar strangers.

Partners, children, family, friends, loves
not physically present on this porch, 
surround our sorting, seeking, growing 
conversation,  moving in and out,
 like aches, 
we thought would never greet us,  

We sit grateful for
the 30 plus years of friendship that allows 
us into each other's hearts with 
deep love for all those familiar strangers who
fill our galaxies, tripping us up, 
and sending us delight beyond any 
 wisdom, past or present.


when did they get
so young?

This third stage living not meant for all, 
we both know loss, those too soon dead, while yet
we live and love and grow, still seeking, oft weeping, 
we carry on, with gratitude
galactical love a coverlet 
we hold for one another.

gkn August 2016

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