Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Since Sunday

This morning I said goodbye, and watched her
 drive out of the driveway.
It is Wednesday. 
She has been here since Monday, walking, reading, 
eating, laughing, crying with me,  we were together 
since Sunday, 
when  her uncle's broken back, hospital admission,
brought me unexpectedly 
to her town, to a bed in her house. 

Since Sunday 
the death toll has risen 
in Bagdad, in the Ukraine, in South Sudan in...

I have walked and talked.  I have 
swum in crystal clear waters, walked through marshlands, and forest.
I have listened to bagpipes, to drums while 
watching swans on the water,  and bicycles on trails.

Since Sunday 
I have talked on telephone, read email, and text, and 
learned that the back brace will work, 
that my father will be able to walk.  

I have looked 
forward to my trip to Newfoundland, 
shared stories, and hopes, and dreams.  

Since Sunday 
I have discussed, and debated,
 internally and externally activisms best actions.

 I have mediated, waliked labyrinths for peace, 
for change, for love, for compassion. 

Since Sunday 
I have picked currants, baked scones, 
drank tea. Water has washed over my bodysoul, 
since Sunday.

gkn July 6, 2016

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