Monday, March 21, 2016


So last night spring equinox was with me as I meditated,  was with me, as I sat with the call for balance, for openness to light and growth, was with me as I breathed in loving kindness,  acceptance, peace.  

Called me to notice a message, a sprouting seed,  value yourself, the new sprout said,  just as you are.   It is time now to grow again. 

 Acceptance is good, and now it's time --  let go, let balance flow, accept yourself, and value who you are.  

All the parts,  those that throw you off balance, demand you realign,  those that argue with you about food, and excercise and loving kindness too, you know the parts this sprouting seed pushed forth. 

Those parts of you that some despised,  by you, dare own.
Value those parts.  

The secret parts, you hope that no one sees,  you see them though, you know them well, the seedlings taller,  firmer have almost broken ground. 

gkn March 2016


  1. May the sprouts stretch toward the coming sun. Growing stronger, valuing and flowering -- to create new seeds for more sprouts.

    Much love!

  2. Thanks for encouragement! xoxo