Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wrestling with Giants

Hello Amelia,  Jennifer and Stephan,  and anyone else who reads this,  

I thank you for your very apologetic letter. 
I thank you for the prompt phone call yesterday. 
I am grateful for the always polite people I get at your call centre. 
I spoke to one of them yesterday.
He spoke to the Burlington store manager.
She was busy with other customers, three he said.
He said she would call me right after she finished with those three customers. 
24 hours have passed,  I have once again, not received a call. 

Our days for a full refund have almost expired as I have tried
and tried, and called and called and waited for promises
to be fulfilled,  and waited for promises to be fulfilled, 
and received new promises, and more new promises

So please make note of the full costs we incurred to purchase an item we 
REALLY wanted,  which we bought because 
we believed IKEA kept its promises
was good at meeting customer needs,  guaranteed delivery,
guaranteed product replacement for damages,  

Please make note that if this is not resolved within the 45 day return time line,  which I think may be tomorrow,  
Check our file to is a thick file,  there have been a lot of calls.

Please make me an offer, you are willing to act on. 
Do not tell me to call the call centre again,  
I did that ...and I did that...and I did that...

I look forward to hearing from you...not 
with another apology,  I got the previous ones, 
all of them,

I look forward to hearing from you with a solution to my broken, newly delivered furniture


gkn Jan. 23,2016

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