Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Multi Cultural Calendar

I took it down late, the new year had come, 
no phone call during the holidays, or shopping 
trip visit,  just you and me,  except maybe 
that day in Ottawa, you're such a traveller now, 
the change in airflow, 
the touch of your hand on 
my heart reminding me,  
you continue,  as my companion 
in snowfall or rain,  in sunshine or shadows, 
when I am present 
there you are with me, 
the calendar a gift from you to me,  a tradition,  I 
knew what the package held,  received with anticipation, 
the art,  the stories,  the holidays shared, 
a gift of you to me, heritage, culture divergent as we 
were, you saw me, see me, 
and yet the wall is bare. 

gkn 2016 


  1. So heavy....a reminder of her absence. And I'm thankful of her presence in your life, and you sharing bits.
    Much love.

  2. Life is so very changed when someone we love dies....the walls are bare, indeed...such a fitting image of the presence of absence....