Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On Being 2016

The invitation to be present calls, 
continues to call,
 as I lay in bed healing, growing  

My body aches, 
my soul, my spirit are at peace,  

I notice the difference.

I am able to stay in bed,  to care for me.

I am blessed, 

memories of celebration, of chaos, of laughter, 
of song, of games, of listening and sharing stories, 
of eye contact smiles, of hugs, of kisses, 
of tears embraced 

surround  me

2016 has arrived, another year, another slate waiting to be filled, 

I get to chose thebeliefs I embrace or challenge, 
the words I write,  or speak,  the activities I engage in,  the love
I receive and give,  the trust I share...

Sending New Years blessings to each one of you! 
May 2016 be for you a great year of growth filled blessing. 

With ongoing gratitude for all of who you are in my life and all you teach me
and others! 

gkn Jan 2016

1 comment:

  1. Smile. Carry on, peaceful warrior. Blessings of the new year. What wildly probably things will IT include?!?