Sunday, November 8, 2015


Kookuburra watch me, from palm, gum and fern, 
wandering, from opera house and harbour bridge 
to Mrs. Mcquarrie's seat, hued from rock, 
past weddings,  navy ships, 
sail boats, 
tourist ferries and cruise ships, a plenty.

St. Mary's Cathedral standing, with gov't buildings, 
the colonial story present.
50 years since the freedom ride,  commemorated at the state 
library,  Aborigine history still not taught in schools, the history teacher 
viewing the show beside me whispers,
her voice so soft I strain to hear.

Connected through shared, history, shame
cockatoo's cry over head
returning again and again, to blooms, statue, waterfront, 
majestic trees, resting places, magnolia,  jacanda blooms.

His sandwich board worn  in the busy intersection
at rush hour,( behind me I hear, his life work),  
smile, you can do it, a big happy face, cars toot, slow, 
the other side go Michelle Payne, sexism no more, 
isms no more.
He smiles and waves.

gkn november 9 2015


  1. Gloria, I love your intertwining of animal and plant life observations with histories of the land and people! The fullness of your writing brings me there. Thank you for sharing your experience in this way!

  2. Glad it spoke to you, and great to hear your thoughts!
    Hugs, g