Friday, October 23, 2015


Last night I saw a movie Mabo, I watched with curiosity,  a land claims case in Australia, so far from my homeland.  I find myself these days in Australia,  a part of a wildly improbable goal become probable because of so many of you sharing my hopes, supporting me.  I am writing a book,  the protagonist goes to Australia,  I am learning more about myself as I write as I live.  Mabo spent his life writing his story, claiming his land, educating his children because he believed in himself, his people and their land. 

I read the news from across the world.  Trudeau has won a majority, we breath many of us a deep sigh, relief felt across the world.  His work, our work is just begun.  More first people's elected than ever before.  An inquiry into missing women will surely come.  Syrian refugees will now be welcomed here, we will cut through paper work.  Climate change summits will be attended, scientists valued.  Citizens will remain citizens, all citizens able to vote ( it's mandatory to vote in Australia).  All people will be allowed to dress, to veil, to not veil, cultural practises will be seen to strengthen the fabric of our great country.  Rivers, lakes and streams, preserved for decades to come. 

We have a liberal majority.   Our work has just begun. 

gkn October 2015

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