Thursday, October 29, 2015


The great ocean road winds, the city streets call, as two days of exploring history and beauty in and around Melbourne keep me in motion, from early morning to late night.  The aborigine stories and creative expression,  alive still, bring me such hope, cause tears to run down my face, the courage of the human spirit,  faith beyond reason, the bunji ( check it out) stands tall stories of  life to Melbourne. 

 Yesterday  I was blessed to share a great ocean road tour with 11 other story tellers.  They came from England, the United States, Canada,  and  Western Australia.  They came with differing stories and different hopes,  and together we shared a long day in and out of van. 

Together we delighted in the awe at the crashing waves, the picturesque cliffs and the pick axes that created the road we travelled,  together we laughed at the kangaroos escaping golf balls, we debated the value of sport,  we ventured in politics,  we ventured out,  we shared laughter,  dreams, for this day we shared our lives.  We walked cliffs to see cliffs and we waited with one another to share our pictures, our delights,  our fears of dying batteries. We passed seed hand to hand, to make sure everyone could hold the colourful wild tamed uncaged birds,  We pointed eyes and fingers upward at the koala spread eagle in the tree.  We climbed out of the van and watched to make sure the achidna made it to safety on the S turn  road side.  

We shared curiosity. 
It was a day of learning, our tour guide offering some of the tidbits, my fellow travellers offering others. Today, I awake less tired than last night,  so grateful for the adventures I get to share for the individuals whose paths cross with mine for a day and change me for a lifetime. 

Yes, there will be pictures and there are toooo many to post them all I will chose a few 😊

  Swatting flies a pass time here in Australia 😊

gkn October.1015