Friday, October 30, 2015


And so the day begins, with a walk to Babka, a Cafe on the list of best places to write in Melbourne. Upon arrival I was greeted by racks of bread, freshly baked, a blackboard menu, that was not making decision making easy! 
The choice was narrowed down to two,  corn coconut and coriander fritters served with avocado,  chilli and lime or ricotta hot cakes mascarpone, pistachio and praline with vanilla scented blackberries. The hot cakes won.  Cold water was brought, a glass and a galvanized pitcher for one, then my loose leaf jasmine green tea in a pit strainer on the side with an extra pot of hot water for good measure...

I am beginning to feel like a travel writer, perhaps something to think about, to be considered, yet another, later life career choice, thoughts?   Travel writer for the Zoomer generation from a tea, bakery and Cafe lovers perspective.

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  1. did the corn, coconut and coriander fritters look? I guess you'll have to take me back there, to find out!