Friday, October 30, 2015

A Toast

To the beloved dead, I drink a toast 
of gratitude, of thanks, for this life
that you shared, you share 
with me, in land across the ocean from
my home you walk, you fly, you swim
side me.

A toast I drink today in gratitude that
your life touched,  touches me
as writing, dreaming, planning there
you are, the breeze of 
inspiration found. 

A toast to you my ancestors 
of blood, of bone, 
of heart and soul, 
you chose to come, you choose
to stay, connected yet
across the world, the veil. 

gkn October 31 2015 

Changing tides,  changing seasons,  changing life
ancestors presence in all I do
like the seed pods,  the flowers dying, 
the shells filled with life, or death, 
always,  still influencing the thoughts, 
the feelings coursing through
me in this time of
revelations realized ,  mystery, 
changing light. 

gkn October 31, 2015

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