Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Time Keeper

Her breathe stopped on Saturday morning
"I'm free, I'm free at last" awoke me from my sleep on Thursday night.
Bodies, soul spirit visitations from beyond do not care for times meaning. 
TheTime Keeper she loved it, on this side, 
bought me a copy, you need to read it too, I heard.
A hummingbird flies, too close for comfort, maybe.
I hear her buzz enjoying the sweet nectar, 
only natural sweetness, still no refined sugar.
Laughter echoes 
her goodbye text arrived after the celebration of life,
friends connected by her love reflect together.
I will read it again, the need to try and understand 
a this side bound.
Birdsong, sweet nectar, tulip, bulb and flower, good fiction, sometimes bad 
and music too, she planned a course based on a song for every lecture, 
...never got to teach that one. 
and yet she's teaching still, and calling.
Her breathe is gone, her body ashes now. 
Our time together reformed. 
I grieve for me in gratitude, 
so gifted by this side and now by that side too, 
I miss you though you're here, 
it's so unclear these feelings, and this loss, and yes the gain. 
Her breathe left on Saturday.  The freedom song on Thursday. 
You visit with me now. 
Time keeper no more. 

gkn may 14, 2015

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