Tuesday, May 19, 2015


There I was just sitting with my 
hand warming, tea cup steaming, 
when  she sat down, tea cup in hand, 
scent of jasmine filling our air, at my table. 

I wondered but I did not ask, I was too amazed 
that she was sitting at my table, well
the table I alone occupied, if Jasmine green was her favourite too,
 and if it had always been, 
or if she too had a brain injury, life changing, taste changing moment. 
I did not ask, I sat filled with wonder at her prescence here with me,
as though she wanted to share, this quiet time, of tea drinking.

We sat, I sat with her present, there with me, drinking tea, listening to,
watching; eating, singing, flying bird friends.
We sat in silence for a very short, long time. 

Then I said, "hi", she smiled back at me as I said, 
"thanks for joining me." 

"And even more," came her reply, 
"thank you for noticing." 

gkn may 2015