Tuesday, May 26, 2015


This being, just being with myself, with my writing, with the fears, with the challenges, with my grief, with my hopes is some of the hardest work I have ever done.  I am grieving the death of a dear friend, someone who has been a cheerleader for this "new" life I am living. JUST being means I have no distraction from the size of this loss, JUST BEING means I am invited not to mask, but to feel, my grief, ,my loneliness, my anger, my feelings. 

JUST BEING means unbidden tears are close companions and self compassion is required at all times. 

It means recognizing that I am not always self compassionate, I am not always mindful, I am not really that good at self care.  It means noticing that I have work to do, that self awareness, that growth ( and 
being fully alive)  do not end with decisions and life change, rather growth means personal work,  personal awareness, personal development, personal challenge, and personal practise! 

It means embracing and practising new ways of being in the world, and when I am not doing as well as I had hoped to breathe deeply, and with loving kindness for myself and others keep on moving forward.

Being with my life, is what being with my writing is all about. As I live, I write the story of my life,  in my daily interactions ( with myself and others) and sometimes I write it on paper too. 

This being, this call to conscious awareness is hard work, is sacred work, is work, I believe, we are all invited to engage in, as I am in being with my writing, my grief, my grandchildren, my loves, my fears, or in any other place we find ourselves.

My opportunity, my call to be with my writing is a sacred gift I have been given, is filled with joy, challenge and, oh, so much opportunity.  Join me in claiming your sacred opportunity to be, let it fill you with life, may it help you name your fears and open vistas of opportunity. 

Blessings to each one who reads these words! 

gkn may 26,2015

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  1. I for one, am privileged to witness this journey you are on. I witness the sacred gifts you are giving to yourself, and sharing with us through this blog. And, I witness the challenges.

    A wise womyn once told me, "....just because it is hard, doesn't mean it is not good, and just because it is good doesn't mean it is not hard."

    Keep up the good work!