Monday, March 9, 2015

Good Morning

Good Morning! 
Today my reading that began my day was entitled Waiting.  In it was an invitation to see my times of waiting as an opportunity for meditation, a chance to slow down my mind, relax my body and notice.  

The challenge I have given myself to be with the writing, has given me daily opportunity to notice the difference between being with the task and being with the process.  It is an opportunity or invitation if you will to be aware, to always be aware.

 I am finding in my heightened awareness whether I am writing or eating or reading or walking or doing dishes or waiting, there are poems begging to be written, grief waiting to be expressed, stories asking to be told, and in it all possibility. 

Today I wish for each one of you possibility to claim and to be all of who you are! 
Blessings everyone! 

P.s. For those of you who have tried unsuccessfully post a response on this blog, I sadly do not know why it works sometimes but not others.  I invite you to try try again and of course I am always delighted to see your responses in my email box or my snail mail box as well 😊

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