Friday, March 13, 2015

Endings and beginnings

Today I am asking you to join me in posting a haiku as a comment.  Focus endings and beginnings..go 
Here are mine...

I saw my last 
client, yesterday
Total trust invited

Together we walked.
Final  deposit 
Energies blend growth

Ups anticipation
Breathe Now! 

gkn march 2015

I look forward to reading your haikus or other writing about endings and beginnings..thanks, in advance, for sharing! 


  1. Here's mine, inspired by our early morning walk to the credit union....

    Half moon at morning
    Ice on winter leaf
    Spring, ghostly, comes

  2. Thanks for the invitation (and the challenge) to write a haiku during our walking meditaiton for you to do your last deposit of New Directions Counselling. Here is one of the haikus I wrote:

    No more New Directions
    All directions are possible
    Everything is new

  3. Can't write a Haiku
    too complex for one like me
    looks like I did it!

    Now to wish you well
    on your new beginning walk
    with friend your journal.

  4. Times are changing
    Quiet highly valued here
    Gratilove constant 😀