Monday, February 23, 2015

Update for the team

Today I thought about what it means to be with the writing, just to be with it, and I was made aware of how different it is to be with the writing or to be with the writing project.  This path I am on is both rewarding and challenging.  This is the life, I have chosen, filled with reward and challenge and so it continues 😉

It seems I can get quite busy on the writing projects
... two memoir projects, both of them are focused on life and death.   The one is born out of my caregiving role during Bonnie's illness and death, it is called Vignettes In-between   the other called Quilted is reflections of my mother since her death using a quilting metaphor. 

...a novel called at this moment Josephine's Story

....and then some poetry, some journaling, some gazing...and lots of delighted amazement!

Being with the writing, not being with a project, being open to where being takes me continues to surprise, challenge and bless me! 

I am going to Australia!  I am planning on taking my projects and my being both with me!  Wish me luck! 

 I will leave October 14 and return November 17.  I am so grateful for Rosemary and Jan's invitations and all of your encouragement along the way.  This is an adventure, a gift, a growth opportunity, a dream.  I am filled with awe, and anticipation. 

I will be posting on this blog during my time there and welcome blog comments or emails ( of support and encouragement along the way.  The support you offer from all four directions continues to be appreciated! 

Thankyou and blessings to you on your journeys!  

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  1. Sending you on your way with much love and many bright blessings, may you and all your writing projects prosper! I know that Australia will be delighted to be blessed with your presence for a month and that we will miss you while you're gone......And I hope you see a wallaby :)