Monday, February 2, 2015

The letter that was

November 2014

Dear Friends,

I have spoken with many of you about moving towards the realization of a wildly improbable goal.   This letter is to share with you my specific requests to you and my gratitude for you.

I have, as some of you know, experienced a GIANT AHA as a result, perhaps of my MSC training or perhaps as a result of living this life of mine!   Either way I have become aware that because of my grief around the loss of my community of my childhood I have not always fully realized the community of my present life!  

You are all a part of that community and I am at this point in my life recognizing you more fully!  WHAT A GIFT… not only to have you as my supportive, accepting, loving community but also to be able to fully receive all that you offer me!  THANK YOU.
My wildly improbable goal, which I became aware of through conversation with my beloveds, Susan and Liw, is to close my private practice (New Directions Counselling) and focus my life on writing.  (as well as of course keeping the focus on the many relationships that offer meaning to my life).

As part of receiving the support of my community (you) and acknowledging the support of my community, I am taking what for me feels like a courageous step and actually asking for support J

As you know I have found pagan spiritual practices, along with Christian practice to offer my life meaning.  So I am closing my practice at EOSTRE (spring equinox) EASTER.  The time of both recognizing death and rebirth, the time of letting go of the old and claiming the new… My practice will close as of March 31.

I will then more fully step into a more focused life as a writer.  

I ask your support in one or all of the following ways.   In keeping with the cycles of the earth calendar and beginning with the time of my beginning this great adventure, I am being specific about my requests based on the gifts of the four directions

From the East – the direction of air, soul energy.  I seek support in the form of endurance, commitment, wisdom release from troubles, and positive thoughts.   IF you find yourself called to support me in this way, perhaps you will call or send me emails or in our visits speak encouragement.  (I know you ALL can figure out how to apply these requests so will refrain from requests or suggestions from here on.)

From the South  the direction of fire, purifying energy. I seek your support in the form of encouragement to claimthe energy and the strong will that will be required for this adventure.
From the West - the direction of the water, of passion, emotion.  I seek your support, as you are present with me in the ups and downs associated with claiming and receiving and changing and being.
From the North – the direction of the earth, material energy.    I seek your support in material support, call to groundedness, and reminders of my strength.

As many of you know I began writing a novel in the spring of this year, and have been offered a beach house in Australia to write in (the protagonist in the novel lives in Australia).  This is a very exciting invitation for me.    However one of the things I know about this wildly improbable goal is that it is not the completion of a novel or a memoir or a book of poetry or or  -- the important thing is my being present in the now of writing.  IT is the being present in the now of receiving.  IT is being present in the now of recognizing of being present in  the wonder that is my life.

I thank you all for being a part of my life, for supporting me in the first 60 years and for walking with me and supporting me in the next decades.  

I look forward to talking to you all and answering whatever questions I can about the realization of this goal.

With deep gratitude for each one of you,

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