Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The stories of our lives.
Stories of our lives.
Of our lives, our lives.
am the subject.  I say it bravely.  
I type it quickly, my heart moves a little faster
I feel it begin to race
As I dare myself 
To deny, to believe, to claim
I am the 
Subject of my life.

The stories of my life,
stories of my life.
Of my life, My life!

gkn feb.10/2015. 


  1. click on post a comment to "post a comment" !
    On this beautiful cold cold sunny day you called just when I needed you to call. Magic.
    I am a bit in awe of how you are risking revealing your inner most being.
    It also makes it improbably probably that I might do the same one day:)
    I will read your poem again. It is an inspiration. Thank you
    This is the first time I have blogged and I feel a bit exposed.

  2. So delighted that we get to travel together on the planet and inspire one another!