Monday, February 23, 2015


A baby born 31 years ago changed my life.   

Hidden in the snow covered trees, 
maiden, mother, crone
gently caress wonder, 

intricate webs hold our secrets.
voices of the generations,

curls of childhood, coloured cuts of midlife, snow white crone caps, 
the standing hardwood forest

deep brown, blacks, grey
crevice, gentle folds

birth changes life.

gkn feb23 2015


  1. The third attempt to publish a comment Miss Gloria.

    First apologies for being lost in my own particular wilderness and not responding as I had said I would, Second it appears we walk parallel paths - I am stepping onto and then off then back on, then off, then on - a new path - and so it goes.

    One thing I can recommend and one in which I am about to engage again, is the reading and doing the work in the book The Artist's Way - by Julia Cameron. It is something I have referred to many times since I first bough it back in 199? - She speaks of writing Morning Pages - three pages before you do anything else - for me I need to feed dogs and cats and then I will tackle this with coffee and a new journal I purchased just for Morning Pages... they are stream of conciousness ramblings of whatever comes to mind... you might want to look into this my friend and enjoy your path, yuor new and exciting path.

    1. Thanks Barbara for your presence in my life!