Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Day

The bird song surrounds me ,
 as I silently walk with lilies, daisies,
valerian, a single delphinium made it
back this year, 

 a thorn catches my attention.

I jump on my bicycle, ride to the point,
to the rocky shore touch my toes into
the crisp pure waters' savouring every
step, when I hear their buzz.

The strawberries in the front raised bed,
gift of landscape artists, hang over the edge,
red and juicy, as I bend,  my left shoulder
begins to itch and swell.

I am present, I am awake as I water
vegetables, as I spray soap on aphid infested
roses,  as I walk, as I drink my tea
in the beauty of my neighbourhood.

The mosquitos remind me to always be


gkn July 7, 2017

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