Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blessed Two

Teeth brushed,  stories read       four tonight,
he chose them all, 
songs sung,
hugs given
good night said.

Cherub face response
“good night gg.’

“I need water, gg”
            I forgot to fill his water bottle.
 I fill the water bottle,

Cherub face,
“thank you gg.”

“gg,  Gg”
“my water bottle doesn’t work”

             I retrieve the faulty water bottle,
suck it does not work,

“see gg, you did it wrong,”

I unscrew the top,  afix the straw,
it works now,

 I say gently,
“good night sweetheart,”

cherub face, 
“close the door gg”

I close the door carefully. 

 I hear GG
I wait,
“ GG, GG, GGGG,”
 “my water bottle is leaking”

slow steps carry me to the door,

“gg my water bottle is leaking.” 

His pillow is wet, his pajamas are wet,

“maybe you can put it on right this time.”

I change his pajamas,  I change the pillow,

I put the lid on right.

“Good night darling,” comes out of my mouth,

 I look
at grinning cherub face.

“I love you  gg.”

I do not bang the door or shout.

gkn July 2017

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