Friday, May 5, 2017

Two Short Lives

for sharon for brenda for judy
for mother's shattered hearts...

Heidi,  Rachel can you hear me?
do you hear my gratitude for the gifts
you gave me in your two short lives?

Generosity of spirit in your visits,
in your laughter at yourself and me.

Hope born in the midst of despair
as you  kick boxed or just kicked away boxes
 the expectations of next
must be steps,
 as you took next must steps for you.

Smiles radiant, trusting, knowing  believing
when everything around defied faith.

Acceptance, without celebration,
 with knowledge of truth beyond our control,
just acceptance
of this days offering.

Love filled hearts, though pain crowded
the spaces,  love won the day.

Four years, only, four years
you have been gone from planet earth.
Already four years and still you live.

gkn May 2017

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