Thursday, November 12, 2015

See wonder

King parrots, cockatoo's, kookaburra, 
my day begins,  Squishy and Bambi offer me 
a tail wagging greeting, my home on the edge
of the green cauldron,  Peter casually asks, 
do you have snakes?  We'll have to find some 
for you to see, red belly black, brown, green tree, 
 we had a brown carpet snake, python, on the step, 
they get in the roof to eat the mice...
yes,  walk in the grass, and watch
you could see 
wallabies hop by the back door, black, or brown 
one has a joey.

Astral Cafe date scone with jam, cream 
tea in pot, cup and saucer,  
yellow arborite table tops, blue 
booths, padded,  milk shake of the week,
fruit salad, pies savoury here, breads, cakes, 
muffins iced under clear cake cover 
with bird handles, like the ones 
my mother had

"I wonder, " she says in skype conversation , " will you notice as much when you are home? 

gkn November 2015