Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Sanctuary

Set apart from tasks 
cooking, television news, showers,
 toilets to be cleaned or
a book to write, 
in the corner of the garden, bamboo
frames, glass doors sliding, for entrance into
a world of white couch, purple cushioned simplicity, 
Shawls draped to wrap the one enconsed in cozy comfort, 
while gazing out at fountain pond, a monk at peace, with ferns, 
verdent and abundant, while etched in stone, fire, river, heaven, wind, 
water, mountain, earth, thunder, rest by 
a dry river bed created by garden's artist.

Calls come, come rest a while.
from the corner 
 this windy rain blown day, 
from blustery shore, to quiet stillness.


gkn October.2015

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