Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Month of wedding celebration, refreshing bay swims, 
provincial park camping, visions lost, found.
family  drama, comedy, tragedy, alive 
Light changing around and within, September's
fall equinox shadow is pushing its way 
into the morning sunrise, the sunsets 
quickening, dreams, Australia's 
welcome in 6 weeks, a solo 
adventure through Samhain's New Year invitation

Wind blows through seasons, my tree of life necklace 
arrived, a gift of celebration, 
the bag you always carried for your stool, 
now mine, four months of firsts have passed, 
since you died, left this earth in human form, 
tears flow as you are present with me through all 
the gifts of time on earth I am privy to. 

Not my time to go, you say again, 
Live the days,you cheer my flight booked, my 
morning swim, the love we share.

gkn Sept. 2015

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  1. Thanks for posting - such a wonderful tribute to your dear friend and a cherished reminder of some lovely shared summer moments.