Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Call to awareness and learning

Hi all, 
I have recently learned of at least one reader of my blog, who has posted comments that I did not receive.  I am wondering if this has happened to others, since one of the purposes of this blog, is to build community and support around dream fulfillment,  I am concerned and DO want to get your comments!  

I also want to get them because I value you, each one and I value your input in my life. 

I am trying to figure out what is wrong with, I assume my settings, in the meantime, please drop me an email, if, when you comment, so that I can see which ones are coming through and which are not.  In my research, I have learned that some mobile devices comments have been problems on others blogs, if any of you, with more expertise than I in technology ( this may be all of you 😊) have suggestions around what the problem may be, please let me know.   Please use gfern52@ when you email. 

Thank you, to each one for your help and support in this and other areas of my life! 
Blessings to each one, 

gkn June 2015


  1. Ok -- trying to comment from my phone. ...again. Keep up the posting and we'll keep trying to figure out the comments!

  2. Thanks for continuing to figure out the comments..together we can change the world 😊