Monday, March 23, 2015

The window at the end of the hall

I have not gone to many yoga classes, no one could call me a yogi
I can do tree stance, some days my balance is.
The tree is always present, bare ice or snow branches, mimicking buds waiting. 
The cloud, blue sky mountain tops shine through, changing hues
down the hall bring invitations to change, clothes, attitudes, dreams.
Internal, external rainbows accompany the halls  movement.
This morning we crawled around off our yoga mats claiming earth energy,
laughter, freedom accompanied the pigs and cats I met.
The stance defined by utterance I know this one is cat, and that one dog, and then a pig 
I am on front farm lawn, crawling to the sand box, a cow comes too
a tree does not need balance here, it stands in certainty that spring will come 
and summer too.

gkn March 19 2015


  1. I have heard you talk about the animal yoga, but this writing describes it so vividly. Thanks for including it on your blog!

  2. My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it!